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One Hour Worldbuilders is a card game for four players designed to help you collaboratively build a world in under an hour. Rather than using genre conventions or tropes, you begin imagining your world using details from your own life as inspiration - so every world feels fresh, urgent and personal.

requires no prep, no GM and no experience with tabletop RPGs. All you need is a printer, some scissors and an hour of your time. It's great for tabletop campaigns, collaborative creative projects, or for a standalone creative game on the go.

1HWB uses a system of prompts and structured questioning that is accessible for beginners and intricate for experienced creators. The prompts and questions emphasize forgotten histories, conflicting ideologies, loss, and the textures of daily life. I've played it with strangers, friends, family and loved ones - and every world I've built has felt distinct, compelling and unique to the people who helped make it.

Physical copies of One Hour Worldbuilders are also available via Gumroad. If you live in the Toronto area I will deliver them to you personally! 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Think I'm going to use this solo for building a #dungeon23 sandbox campaign, pulling a card daily and writing up my responses.


I'm so curious how this goes for you! Please feel free to update in this comment thread when you're further along :)

This looks incredibly useful! But I can't afford it at the moment. Any chance of a few community copies for it?

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I added a few community copies to start. Hope you enjoy the game! 

Thanks so much! It's much appreciated.


This is exactly what I needed!  I had an idea to run a campaign where we start with a session 0 that involves some collective world building to help my players feel more connected to their world, and this is perfect to facilitate that process.  Such a timely discovery!

Yay! I'm glad you discovered it and I hope you enjoyed it!

This ought to be classified as a "physical game"

done, thanks for the note!